Tescao presents long-awaited track "This is not a test" - an exciting journey into a new reality.

Drawing inspiration from the cosmic energy that surrounds us, Tescao's music transcends traditional boundaries, becoming a source of an energy flow that changes the perception of the world. His ability to open minds and souls, connecting them with universal energy, awakens new sensations
and reveals new edges of human existence.

Tescao's debut track paved the way for a new generation of deep self-analysis and mental self-development in the digital environment worldwide. With "This Is Not A Test," he aims to further establish himself as a trailblazer
in the melodic house and techno scene. His ability to create captivating sonic landscapes that resonate with listeners on a deep mental level sets him apart from anything we have heard before. This track is not just a test;
it is a gateway to an entirely new reality.
New single
Released on October 13, 2023