DJ Tescao

Tescao's debut track paved the way for a new generation of deep self-analysis and mental self-development in the digital environment worldwide. With "This Is Not A Test," he aims to further establish himself as a trailblazer in the melodic house and techno scene. His ability to create captivating sonic landscapes that resonate with listeners on a deep mental level sets him apart from anything we have heard before. This track is not just a test; it is a gateway to an entirely new reality.

As Tescao continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories, his mission remains clear - to unite people through the power of music and cosmic energy. His upcoming releases promise to be an exhilarating continuation of this journey.

"This Is Not A Test" available now on all major streaming platforms starting. Listeners can expect unprecedented experiences that will transport them to uncharted universes of sound and emotions.