New single / Tescao - Sound of the future

"Sound Of The Future" is an electrifying force that leaves an indelible mark. Like lightning, it divides existence into before and after, acting as a defibrillator for the mental body. This track is a gateway to uncharted territories where we can unlock our potential and find new inspiration. Let this music guide you to discover a world of incredible sounds and future possibilities.

Tescao's ability to merge music and cosmic energy is impeccable. His unique blend of melodic house and techno transcends boundaries, connecting listeners with the very essence of the universe. Like his previous releases, "Sound Of The Future" promises to awaken new sensations and open minds to new dimensions of existence.

As a rising star of melodic house and techno, Tescao continues to break boundaries and explore new sonic territories. With each release, he solidifies his position in the genre, captivating audiences worldwide with his captivating compositions.

"Sound Of The Future" will be available on all major streaming platforms starting from October 26, 2023. Listeners can expect an unparalleled sonic experience that will transport them to the forefront of musical innovation.